Our Mission

Hope In Motion International (“HIM Int’l”) was founded with the vision to offer medical and general assistance to those in need, thereby providing the more vulnerable, with the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our mission is to positively impact lives by channeling medical resources, and offering healthcare assistance and general relief to poverty-stricken areas of Latin America. By helping provide a medical safety net and basic medical services, we help better ensure that essential healthcare (and other fundamental care) needs are met. Our team is especially passionate about serving children, hence our first endeavor has been to assist in providing a foundation of basic needs (infant formula, vitamins, clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc), as well as to bring our U.S. team out to Mexico, to provide much needed dental and ophthalmic care to the impoverished areas where 2 orphanages stand, in San Miguel de Allende.

Our team is driven by the simple philosophy that when we serve young children especially, we better their circumstances, allowing them to learn and grow, with the potential to thrive and flourish into promising young adults.

The principals of HIM Int’l have a deep conviction of leaving the world around us, a better place than before we arrived. We believe in a society where people lift and enrich the lives of others, especially those whose paths are met with difficulties; and the acts of kindness bestowed upon them, may be exactly what is needed, to renew their hope and spirit, thereby helping pave a more auspicious and reassuring future ahead. Instead of Counting our Blessings, we believe in Sharing our Blessings and paying our good fortune forward.



  • Formed in 2018
  • Completed 2 medical mission trips to San Miguel de Allende with the following achievements:
                   Provided free optometry and dentistry services to 100 children, nuns and adults of two orphanages and nearby neighborhoods
                   Purchased over $700 in food, clothing and supplies for the orphanages
                   Delivered antibiotics, pain medicine, vitamins and supplements
                   Donated over $6,000 in dental equipment and supplies to a local practitioner/dental partner
  • We continue to support a dentist and optometrist every month in San Miguel de Allende, caring for over 40 patients a month
  • Completed the first medical mission trip to Comitan and engaged with 2 orphanages housing 50 girls ad 30 boys:
                   Completed 94 appointments; 67 eye exams and 27 dental services
                   Provided 43 new pairs of glasses for the children and nuns of the orphanages
                   Dental services include extractions, cleanings, fillings and straightening
                   We will start supporting a local dentist in Comitan, who will see 10 patients per month
  • Our San Miguel de Allende optometrist will travel to Comitan once per quarter to see and treat 40 patients
  • Between San Miguel and Comitan, Hope In Motion Int’l will have served over 410 children, nuns and local townspeople
  • Funded a restroom renovation project for the girl’s orphanage Santa Julia Don Bosco
  • Donated 75 toothbrushes and over 200 tubes of toothpaste to orphanages and our local practitioner/dental partner
  • Donated laptops for educational needs of children
  • Established a continuum of care in San Miguel by partnering with a local dentist and optometrist.  The local practitioners/medical partners, with HIM Int’l funding, provide 2 free days each, per month of medical services to the local community and orphanages
  • Between founders and friends, Hope In Motion Int’l has raised just over $50,000
  • Joined efforts with “Blessings International: Medicines for Missions” based in Oklahoma, in the purchasing of antibiotics, antihistamines, antitussives, antipyretics, and various other pertinent medications that were brought during our medical mission to the 2 orphanages in San Miguel de Allende
  • As founders longing to lengthen and strengthen the chain of good in our world, our team at Hope in Motion International continue in our search for those compassionate individuals, businesses, healthcare professionals, artists, and creative visionaries to join together in hand, in heart,…in HOPE

The Board


Kevin Baldridge


Kevin lived in Latin America when he was young, before moving to California. Many of the images he witnessed of children his age, living in unfortunate conditions, never left his mind. He promised himself he would one day do something to make a difference. Hope In Motion International was born from that promise.

Kevin is currently President of Tricon American Homes and lives in Southern California with his wife, Lora. They have three grown children and one lovely granddaughter.


Chris deRecat

Board Member

Chris and Kevin met when their children attended the same school and they both soon realized they had a similar vision, to give back to those less fortunate. It would take a little while for that vision to come into focus, but once it did, Hope In Motion International was born.

Chris is currently President of Derema Group, a national outdoor recreation sales and marketing agency. Chris lives in Southern California with his wife, Alayne. They have three grown daughters


Kathleen Gordon, MD

Board Member

Dr. Gordon brings her wealth of knowledge and experience as an Opthamologist to the countries Hope In Motion visits providing much needed eye exams and new glasses. 

She is an active member of the ophthalmology community serving as President of the North Carolina Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons and is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. She joined IQVIA’s Immunology Internal Medicine Team and jointly Co-Chairs the Ophthalmology Centre of Excellence as the Medical Strategy Lead.



Alan O’Brien

Board Member

Alan grew up in Ireland and before moving to the US worked as a Solutions Architect for Ericsson, visiting over 40 developing and first world countries during his career. Upon Kevin explaining his Hope In Motion vision, Alan and his wife Kelly wanted to support in any way possible. Alan grew up watching his father participating weekly with the St Vincent de Paul and the Lions Club Organizations.

Alan works alongside Kevin as EVP Operations at Tricon American Homes. Alan lives in Southern California with Kelly and their two children Kian and Alison. Alan’s oldest son Darragh goes to University in Ireland.