Comitan is the fourth-largest city in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Hope In Motion International was introduced to the area through the nuns (Madres) from the 2 orphanages in San Miguel de Allende. The same order of Dominican nuns run all four orphanages. 

While in San Miguel, they indicated that their 2 sister orphanages in Comitan had more needs for assistance and aid than they did. Paola also felt the same way. She told us it has been a dream of hers to find people or an organization that could help out the children of the 2 orphanages, as they don’t receive as much attention or resources from the US.

When Hope In Motion arrived, they found the people, children and nuns to be extremely humble, hospitable and genuinely welcoming. They were also very appreciative for all that we were doing.

Comitan was our 3rd Mission trip where we engaged with 2 orphanages housing 50 girls ad 30 boys. We completed 94 appointments; 67 eye exams and 27 dental services. We ended up buying and providing 43 new pairs of glasses for the children and nuns of the orphanages and provided dental services include extractions, cleanings, fillings and straightening.

We continue to support a dentist and optometrist every month in San Miguel de Allende. The dentist sees 10 – 12 people each month. The optometrist sees 30 patients a month.

We will start supporting a local dentist in Comitan, who will see 10 patients per month

Our San Miguel de Allende optometrist will travel to Comitan once per quarter to see and treat 40 patients

If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise to helping these children, come join us on our next trip and contact us today.

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