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Forging onward with multiple medical missions, our 3-4 day trips has consisted of 5-6 hours/day spent directly with the children, to provide healthcare and other care deemed necessary. Our team is focused on the needs of those less fortunate, and we are keen in our efforts to observe other areas where we can potentially be of further assistance, as our vision and our hearts, continue to grow and to broaden. Currently, the primary medical services most needed, are dental and visual care; hence dentists, optometrists, and ophthalmologists are especially being sought to accompany future trips. We also seek other healthcare professionals in the medical/health field, as well as welcome non-healthcare individuals who may be able to offer assistance and serve in other means that would parallel our mission to enrich and positively impact lives.


Hope In Motion International made thier first trip to Comitan in October, 2019,  to continue to provide health care to the orphans.

On this trip they were also accompanied by an ophthalmologist and local practitioner who gave the children, and the nuns, eye exams and treatment.


If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise to helping these children, come join us on our next trip and contact us today.

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